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Stem Cell Patentability in Europe: Are Patents Relying on Human Embryonic Stem Cells at Risk of Invalidation?
In: Intellectual Property Today 6/2011

My PhD thesis has been published at Peter Lang - European Publisher of Sciences - with the title "Compulsory execution in internet domains with an emphasis on trademark law". The following summary will tell you about the subject it is based on, the exact contents and where you can purchase it:

Theme of the thesis
The immense growth of business communication in the Internet has the consequence that domains have an important economic value nowadays. This applys especially for domain names that are easy to remember because they consist of words from everyday language. For example the Internet domain "http://www.business.com" was auctioned off for the amount of $ 7.5 million in 1999. Since the value was bid so high, it was only a question of time before domains became objects for potential compulsory execution. So far, it has not been clarified whether compulsory execution due to monetary claims in domain names is permitted under German law and if it is, how to execute it in certain cases. Especially the question, which role the trademark law plays herewith has rarely been discussed. This is the reason I want to try in my thesis to summarise all aspects that are relevant for this type of compulsory execution particulary the often neglected trademark law.

Refering to the contents
Development of the Internet general admissibility of compulsory execution in Internet domains legal matters with domains inadmissibility of compulsory execution under certain conditions trademark law violations realisation of compulsory execution in domain names future use of a seized Internet domain

Possibilities of purchase
You can order my thesis by using the following links to Peter Lang Publisher or Amazon. Otherwise you can also order it at your local bookstore under ISBN 3-631-54395-6.

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