■ Dr. Markus Brock ■ Certified lawyer for intellectual property and unfair competition law ■


Please find below some examples for my representative experience:

■ Ongoing representation of a major U.S.entertainment electronics manufacturer in various legal proceedings regarding infringements of its trademarks and design rights. This matter included Europe-wide anti-counterfeiting measures to fight product piracy

■ Advice to an international provider of online auctions on trademark and competition law issues

■ Regular advice to a leading global provider of travel services on the IP-related permissibility of planned new product names ("Freedom to Operate Analysis")

■ Representation of an international media and advertising company in a trademark dispute regarding a new product brand

■ Regular advice to a healthcare research institute on the development, maintenance and enforcement of a strategic trademark portfolio

■ Representation of a U.S. tool company in defending its intellectual property rights in Europe

■ Advice to a global climbing equipment company on patents and utility models issues

■ Representation of a technology company in contract negotiations for an international patent and know-how license agreement

■ Advice to a U.K.-based manufacturer of designer furniture on licensing related issues

■ Advice to a U.S. research institution on defending its intellectual property rights in Germany

■ Representation of an IT security software developer in an unfair competition lawsuit against a competitor

■ Advice to an international rail logistics company on IP issues regarding the acquisition of the wagon building section of a competitor

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